Madagascar Sambirano No 1 Organic


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Product description

Since the 1960’s cacao cultivation has contributed to the reforestation of the Sambirano Valley. This is due to the fact that all cacao there is grown in an agroforestry scheme with no agrochemicals. In spite of this, not all cacao there is certified organic. Our organic certified Sambirano is produced by small holder farmers organized under a local cooperative.

Net weight 67 kg
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Lower Sambirano Valley


500gr Sample, 67kg Bags

Cocoa type


Flavour Profile

Fresh Fruit, Woody

Production Model

Collected, Cooperative or Association

Fermentation Process

Centrally Fermented

Region and Country

Sambirano Valley, northwest Madagascar


There are many different versions on how cacao was introduced to the island but there is consensus that the initial Criollo varieties that were first cultivated in Madagascar, most probably came from Mesoamerican varieties. Initially restricted to colonial plantations, cocoa production experienced a boost when small holder farmers started growing it on their plots. Nowadays it has become the main crop in the region and provides a regular income for a large majority of its farmers.


October – November and May – June


Trinitario genetics with small percentages of Criollo and Forastero

Post Harvesting Process

The beans from each farm are fermented separately. Fermentation takes place in wooden boxes for a period of 5 to 7 days. Drying is done on wooden tables for around one week.


Medium body with a pleasant citrus acidity and bright notes of dried cranberries with a nutty ending.

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