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Located in the Magdalena River basin in Antioquia, the municipality and town of Maceo has deep roots in the production of cacao. This area is well known for consistently producing low cadmium cocoa beans. The regional production consists mainly of cacao produced by smallholder farmers. In recent years, the municipality and prate investors built a centralized post-harvesting facility in order to offer better quality and more consistent flavour profiles.

Net weight 60 kg
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South America






500gr Sample, 60kg Bags

Production Model


Fermentation Process

Individually Fermented

Region and Country

Antioquia, Colombia


Colombia was originally known for its Criollo varieties which were slowly replaced by modern hybrid Trinitario varieties. Nowadays, Colombia is actively seeking to bring cacao to the same legendary levels as its coffee. FEDECACAO (the Colombian Federation of Cacao) and other organizations have been supporting efforts to plot genetic varieties in the country, improve genetic stocks and to further improve fermentation and drying techniques in areas where it is needed. This cacao is collected in Maceo, a small cacao growing town in Antioquia, from its central fermentary and from smallholder farmers who ferment and dry their cacao individually. Cacao from this region is low in cadmium.


December - January; July- August (crop peaks)


Local Trinitario hybrids distributed from the local FEDECACAO nurseries

Post Harvesting Process

Cacao is fermented in wooden boxes in a period of 5 to 7 days and put to dry on wooden tables in solar tunnels or on stacked wooden drying trays.


Notes of cocoa, citrus, dry fruit and walnuts

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