As one of the oldest trade houses in the Netherlands Daarnhouwer has traded Ethiopian coffee for decades and decided to deepen its roots there in 2020. We felt that the style of relationship-based trading Daarnhouwer has perfected in Indonesia had the same benefits in Ethiopia, a complex outright market, where the strength of your local partner is your own. We now have an in-country office and staff and we continue to invest in one of the world’s most important coffee origins.

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Why Ethiopia? Ethiopia is THE land of origins. The probable genetic home of arabica coffee and a country with at least 8 regional qualities, which are then further diversified by different processing methods, it is an origin which rewards attention and interest. Floral coffees from Sidamo & Yirgacheffe, the wildness of Kaffa and Bench Maji, the fruit forward nature of Guji, bright citrus of Limu and the buttery blueberry of Harrar – with the right attention almost anything is available.


Daarnhouwer has cupping facilities in Addis, an office and our team actively follows up each shipment. Working with our partners to control quality and on-time shipment in season and on strengthening our relationships in the off. What we do is as simple and as complicated as delivering value by having presence & experience on the ground.


Why is Ethiopia so complex? It has the regions, but it also has the variety: in qualities, in supply chains, in languages. Coffee can variously reach export via a commodity exchange (the ECX), vertically integrated supply chains (between washing or hulling station and exporter), cooperative unions and/or plantations. Each offers its own set of challenges and opportunities that allow for coffees for every segment and every palate.


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