Since 1908, long before Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility became top of mind in many industries, Daarnhouwer & Co. B.V. already embraced those principles. At Daarnhouwer & Co. B.V. we believe and advocate that trust, honesty, ethics and social responsibility are essential fundaments for business that sustains over time.

We are proud to have strong relations with our suppliers and customers which often span generations and decades. We believe that such relations only exist if both sides are transparent and propagate such values. Our employees are the driving force behind this philosophy inside our company and beyond, throughout our supply chains. How great is it to have a team that proudly embraces these principles, with some employees doing so during decades of employment already! To provide a framework of our principles, and remind ourselves and others to them if needed, we described them in the Daarnhouwer & Co. B.V. Employee Code of Conduct.

Our impact starts with the sourcing decisions we make and growths further with the relations we have.

It goes without saying that we demand and monitor that all our suppliers conduct business in a lawful, ethical and socially responsible manner. Therefore we expect our suppliers to adhere to our Daarnhouwer & Co. B.V. Supplier Code of Conduct. From our unique position in the supply chain we continuously emphasise the importance of the responsibilities each stakeholder has and aim for actions beyond compliance. These topics are discussed in the many interactions we have with stakeholders through our presence in origins: by means of regular visits and our own operations in countries like Indonesia and Ethiopia. Furthermore we push for independent third-party audits to verify or certify practices where possible.

Did you know that Daarnhouwer & Co. B.V.  was the first company in Europe to import Fairtrade certified cocoa?

In cooperation with our suppliers we strive to continuously improve our impact. An important tool to support initiatives and make it a controllable and sustainable business model is by means of certification. Daarnhouwer & Co. B.V. is proud to be certified Organic, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ and BRC. Furthermore we are member of platforms and initiatives such as Coffee And Farmer Equity Practices (C.A.F.E.), Ecovadis, Sedex and the Sustainable Nut Initiative. We continuously strive to further grow the volumes of certified products we source.