Daarnhouwer is a 21st century company with a rich history. Starting as a specialized cocoa trader in 1908, the company expanded its product portfolio to coffee and tree nuts after WWI.

From our modern offices in Zaandam, our team of energetic and experienced professionals are constantly communicating with our partners, planning visits to origin and clients, controlling the quality of our products and organizing shipments to and from all continents.


Our rich history and dedication to quality have helped us gain deep knowledge about our products. We share this knowledge through courses, certifications, and seminars.

Additionally, we share valuable information, such as market updates, product prices, and new regulations, with our closest partners. We provide this exclusive information only to members of our community. Would you like to be part of our knowledge-sharing community?


Daarnhouwer offers a wide range of services to customers:

  • Sourcing of a wide array of origins and qualities
  • Conventional and Certified products
  • Quality control in origins and in-house
  • On-time delivery
  • Tailor-made logistic solutions
  • Financial solutions
  • Training and tasting sessions
  • Flavour advisory


Since our establishment in 1908, the image of the Halve Maen has always been a central part of our logo. The Halve Maen was a significant ship in Dutch history, particularly during the early years of the 17th century. The ship is most notably associated with Henry Hudson, an English explorer who was hired by the Dutch to search for a new route to Asia in 1609.

Hudson’s journey led him to discover a river that was later named after him – the Hudson River – which he explored and mapped. The discovery of the Hudson River was a critical moment in history, as it paved the way for the transatlantic trade that would eventually become a significant economic force. The Halve Maen’s association with this historic event makes it our symbol of Dutch innovation, exploration and trade.

In addition to its historical significance, the Halve Maen is also a symbol of the relationship between the Netherlands and the United States. Today, the US is a crucial trade partner for our company, with many of our customers and suppliers located there. As a result, the Halve Maen continues to hold great importance for us and serves as a reminder of our shared history.