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Have you ever asked yourself what each of the abbreviations used for Ecuadorean cacao stand for? Ecuadorean cacao is classified by the Instituto Ecuatoriano de Normalización into different categories which indicate the total percentage of fermented beans in a lot, size and weight of the beans as well as the percentage of defects. The abbreviation A.S.E. is one of these categories and stands for: Arriba Superior Épcoa.

Net weight 69 kg
Weight N/A

South America




Guayas District


500gr Sample, 69kg Bags

Production Model


Fermentation Process

Centrally Fermented

Cultivation of cocoa beans in Ecuador dates to more than 5000 years ago. The exports of cocoa beans, however, began around 1830, when wealthy families bought acres of land to produce cocoa beans. It was the first product ever exported from Ecuador. Arriba refers to the area in which the beans are grown: in the upriver areas of the Guayas river, in the lowland provinces of Ecuador: Guayas, Bolívar, Cotopaxi and Los Ríos. According to legend, the name was minted in the 19th century by a Swiss chocolate maker who encountered locals with freshly harvested cacao while navigating along the Guayas River. When asked where their cacao came from, they answered “de río arriba” or upriver. This cocoa is collected from smallholder farmers who individually ferment and dry their beans.

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