Madagascar Mava Maliolio Organic


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Product description

Maliolio Plantation is located in the middle of a string of plantations that go from North to South along the Sambirano Valley and which together make up the MAVA Estate. Each of the farms has its own unique mix of genetics and terroir which produce very distinctive flavours. MAVA proudly showcases different flavours of cacao found on the island. Discover the one that suits your chocolate personality the most!

Net weight 64 kg
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Lower Sambirano Valley


500gr Sample, 64kg Bags



Production Model

Single Plantation

Fermentation Process

Centrally Fermented

Flavour Profile

Acidity, Caramel/Panela, Fresh Fruit

Region and Country

Sambirano Valley, Madagascar


Maliolo is one of eight plantations on 635 hectares of land owned and operated by MAVA S.A. This former state-owned property is partly owned by Chocolaterie Robert, an entirely Malagasy operation owned by the Ramanandraibe family. The family actively contributed to the post-colonial economic and industrial revival of the island. One of their members, Madame Hanta Rajaonera, leads the farmers on the plantations. All cacao trees are grown organically in an a traditional agroforestry system. Much of which is produced is used by Chocolaterie Robert for their single plantation chocolate bars.


October – November and May – June


Mainly Trinitario genetics with small percentages of Criollo and Forastero.

Post Harvesting Process

The beans from each farm have their own tailormade fermentation protocol to achieve their individual flavour potential. Fermentation takes place in tiered wooden boxes for a period of 6 days with 3 turns. Drying is done on wooden tables for around one week.


Soft elegant body with a bright citrus acidity; notes of citrus and white fruit, slight yellow and red fruits, soft herbals and a roasted almond finish.

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