São Tomé CECAQ 11 Organic + Fair Trade


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After the Portuguese introduced cacao to Principe, the small island became the gateway of cacao to Africa. From there cacao was brought to its sister island of São Tomé and later on into mainland West Africa. The bittersweet history of cacao on both islands was reflected in the neglect of plantations and crops for many decades. Nowadays, it has regained strength and has become an important source of income for many smallholder farmers who are proud of their contribution to the country’s production.

Net weight 50 kg
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São Tomé


Mestre António


500gr Sample, 50kg Bags


Fairtrade, Organic

Production Model

Cooperative or Association

Fermentation Process

Centrally Fermented

Flavour Profile

Cacao, Fresh Fruit, Nutty

Region and Country

Mestre António, São Tomé


This cocoa is produced by CECAQ 11, a second level cooperative that brings together 11 cocoa producing communities in the south of São Tomé. At present, CECAQ accounts for 1135 members, of which 402 are women. São Tomé farmers have built on the success that their co-operative model has bought. For example, using money raised from her work with the co-op, 49-year-old cocoa farmer Hortência Pina has been able to improve her crops: ‘My trees are getting old and I am able to replace them with new ones which we have grafted to create better hybrids that are more productive and start giving fruit after only two years,’ she says. In recent years, members of CECAQ-11 have also put their Fair Trade premium toward other community-improvement initiatives, such as building a kindergarden.


March - May (main harvest) - February (mid-crop)


It is believed that the genetic stock of these two islands served as a basis for developing the West African Amelonado. In the mid twentieth century other varieties were introduced from Ecuador, Trinidad and Venezuela, which further enriched the varieties found on the islands.

Post Harvesting Process

The beans are fermented at farmer level. The coming years the cooperative plans to establish warehouses, dryers and fermentation centres and provide training and technical assistance to all its members to optimise quality and flavour.


Beautiful round profile of intense cocoa with notes of fresh tropical fruits followed by cashew nuts, shortbread and spicy pepper.

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