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Uganda MotM

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Region and Country

Rwenzori Mountains, on the border between Congo (D.R.C.) and Uganda


Ancient Greek chronicles identified the origin of the Nile as the Mountains of the Moon, a range of snow-capped mountains named as such by the locals because of their bright whiteness. Years later these mountains were identified as the Rwenzori Mountains.

Cocoa is cultivated by small hold farmers at the foot of the mountains along with other crops such as vanilla and coffee. The cacao trees usually grow in the shade of other fruit and timber trees. Wet cacao is collected from these farmers and brought to the local fermentation centre located in the village.

Mountains of the Moon ™ supports these farmers to organize themselves into cooperatives and have access to certification, training, better prices and new markets.


October – March (main crop)


Upper Amazon Forastero, Amelonado and Trinitario hybrids mix

Post Harvesting Process

Fermentation takes place on the same day the wet beans are collected from the farmers. After a 6 day fermentation period, the beans are spread out to dry on a wooden surface.


Strong body with a whisky like character: oak wood, herbs and spices with a nutty/biscuity finish.


Net weight 63 kg





Bundibugyo, Mountains of the Moon


500gr Sample, 63kg Bags

Centrally fermented


Cocoa type