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Tanzania Kilombero Conventional

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Region and Country

Kilombero, Morogoro Region, Tanzania


German colonists were the first to bring Amazonian cacao to Tanzania in the late 1800’s when they established a great estate in the are of the Usumbara Mountains. Some years later, these strains were introduced to parts of Morogoro. Other genetics from Ghana and Nigeria were later introduced, as well as Criollos from Indonesia.

Even though the ecosystems and climate of Tanzania are different from the rainforest landscapes where cacao naturally grows, cocoa has adapted and thrived in these conditions. Nowadays about 80% of the country’s production comes from the Mbeya Region in the vicinity of Lake Nyasa.

This cacao comes from farmers in the valley region of Kilombero who process their cacao individually. Most smallhold farmers grow cacao on their farms along with banana trees and other cash crops. Cacao is grown in a traditional way, mainly without any pesticides.


June – November (main crop)


A blend of Upper Amazon, Amelonado and a small percentage of Criollo genetics

Post Harvesting Process

Fermentation takes place on the ground. The wet mass is placed on banana leaves and covered by banana leaves to maintain a constant temperature. Afterwards, the beans are placed on mats or on patios to dry in the sun.


Powerful chocolate base; winey notes followed by bright red fruit and a clean nutty finish.


Net weight70 kg





Morogoro Region, The Kilombero Valley


500gr Sample, 60kg Bags

Centrally fermented


Cocoa type


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