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Indonesia Java B

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Region and Country

Java, Indonesia


These beans are grown on state-owned plantations on the island of Java who deliver the beans to a state-owned collection centre where they are uniformly fermented and dried. The state company who oversees the process develops this agribusiness with the objective of developing communities by investing in good agricultural practices, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Once the pods have been collected, they are submitted to a strict selection process to separate the light beans from the dark beans. Three beans from each pod are cut open to determine the percentage of “light breaking” beans per pod. Light breaking beans can be recognized by the light to medium brown colour of the nib when cut.


June – July (main) December – January (mid-crop)


Trinitario, Upper and Lower Amazon Forasteros and DR clones containing Criollo hybrid ancestry

Post Harvesting Process

Light and dark breaking beans are separately processed. The beans are fermented in wooden boxes during a four-day period and are usually dried in the sun. However, during the rainy season the beans might be artificially dried, lending them the typical smoky notes they are so well known and loved for.


Light body with a high citrus acidic profile. Strong flavours of leather and smoke accompanied by notes of tobacco and slight fruit.


Net weight 63 kg

Asia Pacific




Java, Jember and Masang, Kalibaru


500gr Sample, 63kg Bags

Centrally fermented


Cocoa type

Single plantation