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Guatemala FEDECOVERA Cahabón Organic

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Region and Country

Baja and Alta Verapaz, North of Guatemala


Cacao is inherent to the history of the Mayan people in Mesoamerica. Ke’kchi and Mopan Mayan farmers traditionally grew cacao to prepare a spicy drink, combining it with vanilla, black pepper and ground corn to make a beverage called ‘Xocolatl’, which was primarily used in religious ceremonies. The Spaniards introduced the drink in Europe where it was it was prescribed as a tonic and used by the wealthy.
A sacred symbol and a form of currency for the Mayas in Guatemala, cacao still holds an important place in the traditions and beliefs of Guatemalans.
Even though Criollo varieties were still thriving in the early 1900’s, the situation had dramatically changed fifty years later: the Criollos had been mixed with Ecuador Nacional and Martinique Amelonados introduced by the government and the United Fruit Company to give way to a genetic stock generally described as pre-1979 Costa Rica Matina.
These beans are produced by FEDECOVERA, a federation of small-farmer cooperatives located in Baja and Alta Verapaz in the North of Guatemala. Many of these farmers are of Mayan origin.


March – May (main harvest) – February (mid-crop)


Mix of Criollos with Ecuador Nacional and Martinique Amelonados

Post Harvesting Process

The beans are collected fresh in pulp and are centrally fermented and dried at modern facilities using standardized methods to ensure a homogeneous quality.


Rich notes of red fruit (ripe cherries, blackberries), chocolate and a subtle hint of cream and cardamom.


Net weight51 kg

Central America & The Caribean




Alta Verapaz, Baja


500gr Sample, 51kg Bags

Centrally fermented


Cocoa type


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