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The Grenada Cacao Association was established in 1964 and since then, represents most of the island’s cacao producers. The GCA organizes its members and supports them by providing plant material through their nurseries and trainings to promote knowledge on local agroforestry models. The GCA also runs three centralized collection and post harvesting centers where its members’ cacao is fermented and dried according to strict protocols. The Association has become synonymous with cacao and cocoa flavours from Grenada.

Net weight 62 kg
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Central America & The Caribbean




Saint Andrew District


500gr Sample, 62kg Bags

Production Model


Fermentation Process

Centrally Fermented

Flavour Profile

Cacao, Vegetal

Region and Country

Saint Andrew District, Grenada


Grenada is an island belonging to the Antilles approximately 200 km northeast of Venezuela. Cacao production was introduced to the island by the British in the eighteenth century and not long after, it became the hub of their cacao production.

Despite the extreme weather conditions and the passing of time, cacao is still grown on the island. Nowadays there are around 8,500 cacao farmers on the island who cultivate 2,500 hectares of land. Farms are on average 1 hectare and cacao is intercropped with nutmeg, cinnamon, bananas, citrus, soursop and breadfruit. Our beans are sourced through the Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA), which is a farmer-owned organization that coordinates the needs of the farmers as well as the sales of their cacao, including quality control and export.

The GCA manages a nursery with Trinitarian genetics and three collection centers where the cocoa is fermented and dried centrally.


April – November (main); December - March (mid)


Grenada cacao is a mixture of Trinitario hybrids, Amazon Calabacillo and Venezuelan Criollo. It shares many characteristics with the rest of the Caribbean varieties

Post Harvesting Process

The beans are collected fresh and are centrally fermented and dried for seven days each by the Association. Wooden boxes are used with a capacity of 3,000 lbs. Temperature reaches a peak period of 50-52 degrees with 3 turns. The cocoa is sun dried on wooden trays and is turned every 30 minutes until the beans reach a moisture of 7%.


The range of notes includes earthen flavours with coffee and woody notes, dairy, white fruit and grass.

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