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The Dominican Republic is the world’s largest producer of organic certified cacao. And amongst the biggest exporters on the Caribbean island is CONACADO, a confederation of cacao producing associations created to improve farmers’ livelihoods by improving their cacao and adding value to their crops. The organization boasts an impressive processing plant where cocoa mass, butter and powder are produced.

Net weight 70 kg
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Central America & The Caribbean


Dominican Republic


Espaillat Province, Gaspar Hernández


500gr Sample, 70kg Bags


Fairtrade, Organic

Production Model

Cooperative or Association

The Dominican Republic is known for producing two types of cacao: 1. Sánchez: natural cacao, unfermented, purchased mainly by buyers in the United States. About 70% of the total production in the country is comprised of Sánchez cacao. 2. Hispaniola: good fermented cacao, mainly exported to the European market. CONCACADO was founded in 1988 by small cacao farmers and gradually grew into a multi-tiered organization comprised by 9 producer federations known as ‘bloques’. These bloques represent in total 152 small farmers’ associations with more than 10.000 members. About 60% of the total exports of this organization are Fairtrade certified. The premiums received are used to provide field training to farmers and to develop social projects in its small rural member communities including construction of sanitary facilities, schools, health clinics and roads. CONACADO also invests in the improvement of its members’ productivity which has had a very positive impact in the average yield of the cacao farms.

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