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Ivory Coast has been the main cacao producing country since the mid 1970’s. In the past years the country has experienced a significant decrease in production due to a combination of factors: climate change, spreading disease (swollen shoot virus), and sector management problems. Will West Africa’s supremacy in cocoa production remain? The answer is yet uncertain and will greatly depend on the effectiveness of the measure that the sector will take in the coming years to overcome the deficit in production.

Net weight 65 kg
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Ivory Coast


Ashanti, Brong-Ahafo, Central, Eastern, Volta Regions, Western


500gr Sample, 65kg Bags

Production Model


Fermentation Process

Individually Fermented

Region and Country

Gôh-Djiboua District, Ivory Coast.


Ivory Coast is the world’s biggest cocoa producer. The cacao industry in this country is estimated to involve about 4 million people, of which approximately 800,000 are farmers. Cocoa is typically grown in small family-owned plots along other cash crops and are tended by the family members. The cocoa sector nowadays is suffering threats such as deforestation and land degradation, the widespread occurrence of pests and diseases, early ageing of unshaded trees, no access to credit and agricultural inputs, as well as lack of land ownership. NGO’s, research institutes and the Ivorian government have been investing resources in the promotion of agroforestry schemes, the distribution of improved genetic stocks and inputs and providing more widespread training on good farming practices.


October – March (main) May – August (mid-crop)


Upper Amazon cocoa hybrids

Post Harvesting Process

Cocoa beans are fermented in heaps on banana leaves on the ground at the plantation site. Fermentation takes place during 5 - 8 days. Afterwards, the beans are dried on raised bamboo mats. The beans are turned regularly by hand.


Medium body with notes of cocoa, coconut and toasted bread. Tobacco and leather notes might be present as well.

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